• Education and Computer games

    It isn’t new or a wonder when we see someone refusing to allow play a video game or computer games for that matter. We have seen our parents do it to us. They fear of addiction, they fear of losing concentration and what not!But the studies have revealed things differently. They say computer games have a positive impact in the learning curve of people, be it adult, teens or younger kids in junior classes. Those were the days that the computer games were not created in a way to impart any type of education or with learning curve in mind. But with today’s technological advancements, and too many other factors, the game developers have started to take gaming seriously, and have come up with many games that boost kids learning. They are mainly created with the intention of helping kids to learn things better. Earlier the games were only interesting, but not connected in anyways to education. Hence, they have earned a bad name among few group of people that it’s a distractor.We shall tell you how these games can enrich your kid’s brains and help them concentrate in studies better than you thought.

    Games are designed for individual learning

    Every kid is different and has different capabilities to learn things. The school and teachers giving individual attention is a rare thing happening. With these games, it is now possible for your kids to learn at their own pace and the teachers give special attention by changing the challenge levels as and when your kid learns. By this, each kid is giving ample time to learn things, in a more interesting way and they are given attention when they require the most. Isn’t this really good way of teaching? We find it more interesting and effective. What if a kid is weak in mathematics and you don’t give him enough time to solve the problems? Definitely it becomes his one of the subjects to hate; they would fail to learn the tricks. Is that a good sign? No. so, if you introduce those problems in form of games, with levels ranging from easy to difficult, it enables to learn in a more creative way  and this will be recorded in their brain for a longer term. Do try for yourself. Visuals have a great impact than theory. For More Info Please Visit Us ilikecheats .

    Video and computer games are seen as stress relievers

    Did you ever think that these games will act as stress relievers? But they are found to be. It is seen that playing games let the players vent out their stress and elevate their moods. It is also seen that with kids having some emotional issues, and physical, this game is seen to have a positive impact on their behaviour and attitude. When their stress is released they automatically feel free to concentrate on other things. By playing they are avoiding other stress related problems like screaming out, eating, indulging too much in junk foods and getting alone, far away from people.

    Games improve reading skills and thinking skills

    Don’t we emphasise our kids to study every day? Yes, we do! What is they learn while playing? We feel that’s a right thing to happen to anyone. Now, even in pre-nursery classes they emphasise on learning via playing, why don’t we follow the same. It is seen that kids learn better that way, their brain work better and record the things. Many games that have a connection to the reality, like age old games related to mummies, space games and warships encourage kids to learn about them in a more creative way. When it comes to such game, every kid will put themselves in the characters shoes, and this allows them to explore more about their character which in turn is nothing but the study of such old and related topics.

    Computer games allow children to learn technical skills

    Did we know anything technical until we reached our secondary education classes? What if your kids can learn and excel at it, right from age 10? We would surely appreciate, isn’t it? Computer games of today enhance kid’s technical learning ability, with their codes being accessible and their languages too. So it helps to learn things in their own way at an early age, which becomes a foundation for their higher learning and also would lead to budding researchers or developers too. Geniuses are not born, but are made one! So, give a hand to it and see your kid turning from a normal one to genius in one form.